New iPhones will come with wireless charging

First, Apple came for our headphones, now the tech may be cutting yet another cord from our lives.

In the past leaks it was rumored that three new iPhones will be out this fall with wireless charging. The rumor said that they would be working on over the air charging, which would allow a device to charge without needing to be directly connected to anything.


With this news, techs started concerning that the wireless charging would increase the internal temperature of the phones. But it was later explain that the forthcoming iPhone will have a new hardware component to protect the unit form overheating. It was also said that the users are not expected to notice any heat differences.

They explain that the new hardware component will help control internal temperature, but will no affect user experience. This component could increase the cost of production by up to $5 per phone. While this alone is unlikely to add to significant price increase, a new report says the next iPhone could cost more than $1,000 due to the hardware upgrades.

All this rumors point to a wireless future for the iPhone, first were the headphones, now the charger, tomorrow we’ll probably see another wireless surprise from Apple.