LG finally delivers a great flagship

Smartphones are becoming more than big this year, and the LG’s new flagship has a head start on Samsung’s Galaxy S8, and is way ahead of Apple, whose new iPhone is expected in September.

This new LG come with a huge 5.7-inch, QHD+ screen with a taller-than-usual 18:9 aspect ratio and rounded corners that should prevent damage in case of fall.


The phone’s aluminum frame is comfortable to hold making it a very compact body. It is also water and dust resistant which is pretty much the standard among flagships theses days.

And it has an innovative, fun-to-use dual camera on the back that’s different from the cameras on its competitors.

The device comes in black, silver and white.

It’s not without drawbacks: Some of the specs could be better, and software was sometimes quirky. But it’s the best phone LG so far.